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MATRIX S36 Superbox-Matrix

MATRIX S36 Superbox

17198; GMB145
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  • _x000D_
  • Large diameter 36mm legs with 25mm telescopic inserts for incredible stability _x000D_
  • Lightweight aluminium frame _x000D_
  • Removable padded carry strap supplied _x000D_
  • Built using the popular Matrix drawer units _x000D_
  • Generous storage capacity between the footplate and drawer units _x000D_
  • Stylish new back plate _x000D_
  • Anti-warp footplate _x000D_
  • Large diameter, swivel mud feet for extra stability on uneven ground _x000D_
  • Integral footplate slides under the frame for easy transportation _x000D_
  • Snag-Free fitting throughout _x000D_
  • Padded seat with built-in spirit level _x000D_
  • Accessory threads in the top of all six 36mm legs _x000D_
  • Extended thread on footplate hand wheels _x000D_
  • Available in three colours, Black, Lime and blue _x000D_
  • Supplied with: 1 x Deep Drawer Unit, 2 x Single Tray Unit and 1 x Transport lid _x000D_
  • Black Frame – GMB145-0 _x000D_
  • Blue Frame – GMB146-0 _x000D_
  • Lime Frame – GMB134 _x000D_
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