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Nutra Baits HARD HOOKERS Trigga-Nutra Baits

Nutra Baits HARD HOOKERS Trigga

8,50 €

Our hard hook bait range has been developed after 2 years of extensive field testing on several of Europe's crayfish-infested waters. With more anglers now venturing overseas, and with so many requests, we took the decision to add 16mm, 20mm and 24mm hard hook baits to our Trigga range.

Already proving to be a huge success and a must if your fishing water infested with nuisance fish and cray fish.

Based on the all-conquering Trigga concept and benefiting from the addition of Trigga powder and Trigga liquid.

Tips from the Team; Drizzle approx 20ml of Trigga complex in to the pot of Hard Hookers, shake well and leave to soak up the goodness. Great year round edge for even more attraction without softening the baits.


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